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We act with valor. We push through challenges especially when it hurts. We stand in our own fire and burn off our bullshit. We create boldly because we have to. We inspire men to follow. The New Admirable Masculine hones both outer boldness and inner boldness. You live your word. You fight for noble causes. You create wealth and success.

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Sales Advice from a Dating Coach. In this episode we meet Myke Macapinlac a digital marketing professional turned dating coach. Myke is the owner of the Social Man Project. Today we talk how the success of connecting with a prospective client or mate is dependent on how much you can put into the initial conversation.

We live in a time of evolution and a time where things are changing dramatically and in so many different fashions. We’ve seen a significant change in the last 50 or 60 years. We’re seeing all this anger, divisiveness, and mistrust between the genders. How do we get […] Duration: It can be used in sales, when launching a team, or at any point during the project where some refocus is needed. Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower believe passionately that the world needs more people who […] Duration: It’s not something that stays the same our whole lifetime.

It is malleable, it moves, and it changes as life experience, hormones, menopause, and having children happens.

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Yes September 30 marks this amazing day since and it has brought together people from all over the world celebrating the power of podcasts with live recordings, live events and more! When I first started creating my podcast, I was always looking for other Asian hosted podcasts to listen to and to be honest, it was not easy to find on Google. Even on iTunes there were only a handful of Asian hosted podcasts.

You can also email me if you know any cus it will make my job easier. This will be in alphabetical order by the title of the podcast to keep it simple.

Watch Social Confidence Mastery’s Myke Macapinlac and I discuss how both genders can help each other out and make the dating process less a battle of the sexes and more like a team sport.

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Episode 89 – Turning Shyness Into Boldness

Twitter I’m 30yrs old, and I am a virgin who has never, ever had a girlfriend, or even so much as a single second date with any girl. Forget making out- I’ve still never kissed a girl on the lips or even gotten to hold hands with a girl. Having Aspergers, I’m largely incapable of reading body language, subconsciously- I’ve learnt to do it the hard way, but to pull it off, I always have to be on edge, consciously reading everyone in my vicinity simultaneously at all times, while trying to keep my own body language as amenable as possible.

This is incredibly strenous- exacerbating my stress-related epilepsy, which prevents me from ever driving or owning a car.

My name is Myke Macapinlac and I used to be socially awkward. Back in , my family and I immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. I was already 17 years old.

Of course, we do not want those beliefs to dictate our life. On this episode, Wade Alters, who has worked in multiple industries, talks about how important confidence is not only in business, but also in other areas of our life. Whatever the belief is, the more experiences you have, the more reinforced that belief is. Your personality is not your destiny. You can become a more confident person. Meditation and visualization can be done to increase our confidence in any area of our life.

Wade, are you ready to launch? Wade Alters Yup, definitely. Kamala Chambers All right.

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Click Here To Get Instant Access I’ll show you step-by-step how I melted all the fat around my stomach and turned it into a six-pack in 8 short weeks If you are a busy professional and want to get fit but can’t seem to get started because you just don’t have the time or energy to cook healthy meals or spend hours at the gym then this is the MOST important letter you’ll ever read. But first, let me introduce myself My name is Carlo Macapinlac and I’ve been in your situation before.

As a former drafter for an engineering company, I regularly worked upwards of 60 hours per week.

My guest today is Myke Macapinlac, and he’s a dating coach for shy men. Our conversation offers a wealth of insight about how men feel about dating + women, and offers some gentle reminders that dating isn’t a zero sum game, but rather, 2 people having an experience together.

From I can t to I can. If you want to be one of the ones that can, read this book! This book includes productive tips that make the unimaginable possible. A great tool for aspiring entrepreneurs. Now I travel the world building a network of friends and business contacts that is well beyond what I previously imagined possible. Reading Lifestyle Entrepreneur and joining Jesse Krieger s mentorship and community has been one of the smartest investment I ve made in a long time.

I love the idea of identifying your interests to discover your identity. I have already subconsciously done this but hadn t ever taken such an analytical approach to it.

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This trial will be gone in 10 days so make sure you act now. This rating comes from hiring sites on Trustpilot with over 1, reviews. The smartest way to hire. Everest in nothing but shorts and shoes, completing a half marathon in temperatures bordering around -4 degrees, and staying immersed in ice water for nearly two hours, and how he went about doing these seemingly impossible tasks. He discusses his ground-breaking method called The Wim Hof Method and why anyone can learn to incorporate it into their lives.

Wim and I discuss the profound health benefits his method features, and why its core tenants of cold exposure, specific breathing techniques, and meditation can completely change your health and life.

Myke Macapinlac, founder of the social man project shares his thoughts on dating and relationships. Dating can be a daunting task for many people, and even more so nowadays with online websites and apps of convenience like Tinder. Dating coach Myke Macapinlac, 29, has helped over people in the last six years in making sense of it all.

Step away from the computer and meet people in real lifePompey suggests men make it a habit to have as many interactions as they can with other people in their daily life outside of the electronic world. This will raise confidence and help prepare you for crunch time. Be interestingIt sounds overly simple, but it rings true. Read a new book. Take on a new hobby. Try something that terrifies you. The more you make an effort to be interesting, the more others will take interest in you.

While texting is convenient, she says picking up the phone shows confidence.

To Approach, or Not To Approach?

Jane is an experienced professional in the environmental sector, with over fifteen years of experience working on issues pertaining to the mitigation of greenhouse gases. As a Consultant and Project Manager for the Environment and Energy her company Earthly Difference aims to investigate the potential role of information and communication technologies in combating climate change. Check out her interview at: In , Ray co-founded Launch Academy.

Designed to provide an open and collaborative environment for early-stage entrepreneurs to share ideas, receive mentorship and grow. Nadia is a web content writer who moved to Vancouver in from Australia.

Sep 20,  · Myke Macapinlac is the author of Magnetic Dating, the gentleman’s guide to attracting his ideal woman the honest way.

One, they can blame everyone but themselves for what has happened to them. Many times this prevents people from moving on from where they’re at. They can then choose to make the other choice. They can realize that they’re actually the one in control of where they’re at and make it their mission to get out of that situation and never come back.

The term “rock bottom” is a relative term. Rock bottom for one person can be quite different than rock bottom for someone else. For some people, a simple habit change can be enough to help them get out of their situation. But on the other hand, the person might need a complete mindset overhaul. For today’s guest, he was more of the latter. After being homeless through the ages of 6 to 16, he thought his only way to get ahead was to excel at football. When an injury killed his chances to get a scholarship, he felt stuck.

Luckily, a mentor stepped up and taught him that he had a gift of communication.


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A few months ago now, I recorded a podcast with Myke Macapinlac of Social Confidence Mastery. Myke is a great guy, and his podcast has some of the best guests in the field of men’s self-improvement on it, and I was really excited to be on the show.

Everybody always says “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” This is our mission. To Approach, or Not To Approach? The hallways in your school are scattered with people here and there, all inside their heads thinking about their own little worlds. Knowing about Social Dynamics makes you a bit more aware than the average University Student. You wonder what it would be like to spark up a conversation with any one of these people. But your fear binds you to your own mind.

You imagine the worst possible outcomes; public humiliation, rejection, even the coldest of shoulders.

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