Super Junior: Sungmin -Part 3-

Jan 16 4: You do realize it’s just a show right? They aren’t really married. I’m a huge SuJu fan as much as I can be, but I also respect their privacy. In time they will all eventually date and get married like Shindong. We as their fans should honor their choice. Even though I ship SuJu couples xD I mean regardless of your love or hate for her, you should support Leeteuk because he’ll be leaving for the Army soon.

Kpop couples game!snsd f(x), Shinee, Super Junior , ss501, kara , 2ne1 and more!?

She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here.

Sungmin (Super Junior) – DAYDREAM (낮 꿈) A nameless wildflower Just like some kind of destiny Blossoms in the soft heart of a young child Butterflies flying around the flower That is in the child’s arms With a bright smile as if he has the world. The strong and forceful wind is so painful.

Dia tak peduli lagi dengan keributan yang dibuat Taemin yang kancing kemejanya dilepaskan satu- satu oleh Minho, tak peduli dengan Sulli yang memamerkan foto stikernya dengan Amber, tak peduli dengan Kyuhyun dan Sungmin yang tak pulang- pulang, bahkan dia tak peduli dengan suara perutnya. Dia juga tak peduli kalau appa dan ummanya akan menetap di Los Angeles selama 6 tahun terakhir ini.

Satu- satunya yang ada di pikirannya saat ini adalah Sooyoung. Kemudian ia mengancingkan kembali kemeja Taemin. Kemejamu itu seperti transparan! Menggoda orang saja kau ini! Tiba- tiba Sulli datang. Aku bukan datang dengan tujuan itu. Nih, aku mau nunjukin foto stikerku dengan Amber eonnie. Minho dan Taemin hany melihatnya dengan takjub. Taemin juga mau foto dengan Jonghyun hyung!

Di depannya ada badut Mr. Tadi sih Sulli lihat, Sunny eonnie lagi bengong sendiri: Aduuh… Aku jadi bingung.

my hyohyuk heart is broken, stupid IU scandal, and now rumors that hyoyeon is dating

Sunny is aegyo queen so she is cute 2. How did you know? And you can see Sunny paused her hand on the midair. Probably, she was caught off guard. Maybe she was thinking “Yah, you are so making it obvious”, But still, she patted Sungmin’s back twice. You could see Sungmin’s reaction was like.

Feb 27,  · Last night, ELF got shocked with a rumor that Eunhyuk is dating! This news become hot topic! Some ELF cheer and happy for him, but also there’re some ELF who don’t like it. Here give you the caps for that rumor that originally came from weibo From two source and also with two different info..

Believe me when I say I actually thought about this for quite some time. And I still love them all bit by bit. So without further ado: Ryeowook also screams virgin in my mind. He just seems a little fragile imo. Yesung is pretty much open to anything, so maybe he did it before debuting. Oh, and did you notice how much sexual tension he has on stage? Yeah, I thought so. Kangin is the bad boy of the group and he runs after pretty girls a lot, so I highly doubt his innocence.

And he has a girl friend now, a girlfriend who poses with her chest puffed out in pink lingerie. Even if he dances and gyrates to a million sexy songs like a pro, he still feels and looks like a virgin to me. Not in your wildest dreams. Kibum has Hyungjoon as an older brother.

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Posting anything about Girls Generation in this blog: Sunny was born in United States, and later moved to Kuwait. But, then her family moved back to South Korea because of the Gulf War. Sunny bunny’s height is cm 3. Sunny is the Fake Maknae. Sunny is only 2 CM shorter than taengoo making Her the shortest in the group.

SNSD 💗 TTS 💗 OH!GG 💗 on Twitter: “Sunny was a co-host on a.

Although eldest among members, she acts like a Maknae 2. Taeng is from the southern part of Korea. Her parents own an eye glasses shop. She can speak Chinese. Fany was her roommate during their days as trainees, Sooyong and Yoona were her former roommates and Sunny is the present one! In Middle school, she tripped and fell in a running race. It was quite a serious wound. Even when she types she uses only her right hand. Every member agrees that she is the most beautiful one among them.

She often sleep talk, sleeps in her yoga style, and cross legged. She once sneaked out from training in her days as trainee because she was so tired. She is short-sighted so she wears contact lens. She is good at drawing. Taeng is most confident in her lips.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny admits to dating a fellow celebrity

Kyuhyun dan Yoona sama-sama lahir pada hari Rabu. Sama-sama lahir di Seoul. Kyuhyun dan Yoona sama-sama memiliki kakak perempuan yang lahir pada tahun 4. Warna favorit mereka biru. Kedua nya adalah member tertinggi ke empat di grup mereka masing-masing. Kyuhyun setelah Siwon, Hangeng, dan Kangin.

Super Junior Profile Super Junior Facts, Super Junior Ideal Type. Super Junior currently consists of 11 members: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin,Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. Super Junior made their official debut on .

Netizens heavily oppose Sungmin being a part of Super Junior’s comeback later this year Suju sungmin dating apps, super junior’s sungmin admits to dating kim sa eun If the girl just isnt having it, youll know pretty quickly. Then, its suju sungmin snsd sunny dating up to the women, who have 24 hours to strike up a convo in the chat bubble on the top right of the app. He likes to sweeze durham hook up my tits, my ass every part of my body. Dating scandals that ruined or almost ruined someone’s career?

The group then became known as just Super Junior, without the suffix “05”. This Is Love ranked number one on the real time charts of Hanteo Chart, Sinnara Records and more as soon as it was released. Super Junior It helps to remember that the man with whom you are intimately involved in your other life is not living as a monk with his wife. It became the best-selling K-pop album in Taiwan, [49] Thailand, China, and the Philippines, in which the latter credited the album to be the first K-pop album to reach number one in music charts from the country.

The MV was released on August Siwon became a trainee after being scouted in It gives its users the liberty of browsing through unlimited profiles and interacting with all the interracial singles they are most interested in.

lack of jailbait

If anyone crosses the line they will be kicked out Siwon likes to squeeze closely to people when he sleeps, so nobody in super junior really likes to sleep with him When Donghae sees that his hyungs are upset. He would cook noodles for them Sungmin loves to cook for the members but when he cooks, the whole kitchen is to him Kyuhyun is terrible at cooking. Once he was cooking ham and burnt it Out of all the members, Eunhyuk eats the most Eunhyuk hates seafood Donghae hates sweet stuff the most Eunhyuk loves sweets Eunhyuk and Donghae both love milk Kyuhyun hates vegetables Heechul loves white chocolate.

To have dated but he has been a few months. She was shocked when f x ‘s sunny hates drinking milk. Confirms dating with. Should the two idol. Speculation first came months later, leeteuk and girls generation taeyeon from february, she will their relationship has revealed on the picture.


Kang So-Ra


Despite Lee Guk Joo’s statement, she had previously showed close relationship with Super-Junior M’s Henry, where the two shared a selca and Henry claimed that she was his girlfriend. To Lee Guk Joo’s question, which fans might also be curious about, Sunny replied, “ I did date a celebrity.


Super Junior’s Sungmin shares his stance on dating


Oct 14,  · A Koala’s Playground I’ll talk about dramas if I want to. Sungmin is not my favorite, but i want Suju members to find true love. ts to Sungmin and his girlfriend, while actually I do ship him with SNSD Sunny. And I hope so that Kibum and Hangeng will show up in the wedding, as well as Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.


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