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By Eli Epstein Some involve financial tools you have, like credit cards, while others help you take a closer look at what you’re spending, and why. Try out these six personal finance hacks next time you’re designing a spending or savings plan. Sign up for some membership services Department of Labor Turned off by yearly membership services that you’re not sure you’ll use enough to break even? Sometimes, your reticence is well-placed think: The annual amusement park membership your kids pressured you into joining, or expedited airline security when you fly twice per year you. Other times, however, membership programs can help you save a lot of money — and aggravation — in the long run. Take AAA for instance. If you drive long distances to and from work and own an older car , however, an AAA membership could save you save you hundreds of dollars a year.

5 Vegan Lunch Hacks at Panera Bread

If you want to give back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep them sexually obsessed with you, then you need know these phone sex… More chatlines and phone chat services In addition to our favourite chatlines mentioned above, here are a few more chat services in US and Canada. Talk to sexy lady or finding a discreet encounter is easy. Join the steamy fantasy! Users start interacting right away and able to find relationships, friendships as well as having fun.

Women talk free and men are offered a free 60 minute trial.

No.1 Dating Game Great story, captivating concept, top-notch dating Simulator Game! Lure into one of the Best Dating Game for girls of this year! Become the manager of a popular boy band and enter in romance with the one you like! Find the true love of your life, while being successful in your workplace as a music manager.

Best Tinder Hacks Ever Tinder hack matches and dates with the best women Best Tinder Hacks Ever Tinder hack matches and dates with the best women Tinder is a very popular dating application with more than 50 million users. This dating application is a location-based dating application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matching users to chat.

Dating With hot girls: Email required Top tinder hacks and dates with the best women: Tinder is an application that can help you find close people with your same interests. Tinder is the classic application in dating apps world, which aims to achieve a principle of congruence with each other by singles.

The application can easily find a perfect match for you.

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By Dawn Demers Shutterstock. Some people are actually happier living a single lifestyle while others may find themselves single at the time being as a matter of circumstance even though they still desire a relationship. The single population in the U. More and more people for a variety of reasons are living the single lifestyle.

Dating Navigate the complex world of vegan dating, sex, and love. The best urban destinations for the vegan traveler. 5 Vegan Lunch Hacks at Panera Bread The fast-casual chain just made it easier to find vegan food on the menu, and we’re ordering these five dishes pronto!

How to save money and save time Short on time? Use these life hack websites to help. For social events, Doodle is an easy way to find a date everyone is free without hundreds of texts zipping back and forth. Experts in their fields give minute-or-less talks on ideas that could, literally, change your life and change the world. The speakers are impressive and inspirational, some generating millions of hits of YouTube.

Other ways to access the talks include Netflix and iTunes. Type in the domain name and find out if the site is down straight away. Moving to a new city? Family, friends or children moving to a new city? Great if your kids are moving away from home. Currently the site hosts information on neighbourhoods in Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin, but the plan is to add more cities.

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It’s even worse when it’s some random dude in a hoodie slowly roundhouse kicking poor Supes across the room: Pictures Or maybe that’s Russell Crowe’s usual industrial dildo face. What do we know. Who would have thought that one of the best superhero movies would be about two icons battling over legislation that would bar them from destroying Eastern European cities?

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Share Tweet How do you keep a sharp mind? When you were young, you went to school and had teachers asking you questions day in and day out. You had to study and aim to get good results. You tried the various strategies that could help you improve your brainpower. However, with age, and a mundane work life, your brain can easily cease to be as sharp as it once were. Your source of information would probably be only the newspaper and the gossips you hear every day in your work life.

While regaining the lost brain sharpness, might seem a tedious task, here are five steps that will help you look at the world in a complete different way. Being idle is going to make you dull and lazy. The more you use your brain, the sharper it gets. Hence, it is very important that you give it thoughts and activities to work on, in order to make it grow and work better day by day.

A very important part of keeping your brain strong and active is to eat the right food. It not just affects your brain, but it is important for your overall growth and development. Take your brain for a morning walk Light is very important to us, it is the light that helps you be cheerful and active.

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Here are some helpful pain resources Doing this allows you to establish a pros and cons list of what you do and do not like about the other person, but more importantly, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to tell them about your health. As friends, if this person accepts the truth about your chronic illness, then this would be an even better indication that they are worth your time.

You know the truth because you live it each day. Therefore, why should it be necessary if you are wanting a happy and healthy relationship to feel as though you must fool your partner? Be prepared for sidewinders. Ensure that you do not allow your date to make you feel less than amazing.

3 Hacks for Dating With a Chronic Illness. Amanda Jones. So, saying all this, the best thing to do before entering the dating world, or even going on a scheduled date, would be to get your thoughts under control. You are your own worst critic, and often times you find that your brain cannot be quiet long enough to get a positive thought in.

They are proud with their culture , language, songs and literature. If you have a somewhat negative attitude to such Slavic features or you are a solid Republican —book a date with someone else. But, if you are already in over your head — either avoid or support this cutie little trait. A girl will compare the way she used to live and the way you live right now. And that, my friends, is what gets immigrants on your side after a while. Post-Soviet Mentality Living in a rather poor country leaves some marks.

There are movies and shows from America widely available across the globe, so everyone has an idea about how things work in America or Europe. Ukrainian ladies can and will get lost in your country, in your way of things. Be a guide to them. Family Values All Slavs value family, children and parents. She may spend countless hours chattering about how awesome her dad is or how she wants kids. They are simply fairly open about their desires.

Do you like Ukraine ladies?

Top tips for creating the perfect online dating profile

Designed by three sisters, all of whom are still actively looking for the one, Coffee Meets Bagel aims to make dating easier, far less creepy and a lot more rewarding. Coffee Meets Bagel is the only dating service where there are more female members than males, according to the company bio. Because we are the best dating service for women. But, saying that, you know what they say about patience: How Coffee Meets Bagel!

The website is pretty decent too, and if you upgrade your profile you get access to a bunch of unique features like being able to see who likes you and anonymous browsing.

I share my best advice, strategies, and hacks for the online dating world. No prior online dating experience is needed, this course walks you through the entire process. I’m a full-time professional Men’s Dating Coach and truly love empowering men to improve their dating lives.

The team at My Friend Charlie, a unique website that runs dating events in London, offer some of their tips to help you meet that special someone. Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash 1. It might feel intimidating initially but this really is a good way to break out of your comfort zone. Let them introduce you to people and branch off to make conversations of your own. If they live further afield?

Are you looking for a long-term relationship or short fling? Having a clear idea of what you are looking for will help you feel more confident going into a date. Join a sports club Joining a sports club is a great way to meet new people and spark possible love interests. Many clubs hold social events throughout the year and that can be a great way to meet people who have the same interests. Running and tennis clubs often have well established social circles and are good for getting out and meeting people.

Use London based dating websites My Friend Charlie knows that going out to events is the best way to meet people and find yourself a date. They hold events all over London and cover a range of activities from dining over the Thames, to sunset cycling and comedy nights. Use dating apps and websites for people living in your area and instead of keeping it online, suggest meeting up at events going on near you. Go to concerts Concerts are a great way to enjoy yourself dancing away to your favourite band with others who have a similar music taste.

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AdultFriendFinder said it has contacted authorities and is working with a high-profile security firm to investigate the massive data breach. Advertisement The data released by cyberthieves included users’ names, sexual preferences, birthdates, addresses, marital status and other intimate information, according to UK news agency Channel 4, which broke the story.

The consultant, Bev Robb, posted about it on her blog Teksecurity a month ago — but without naming the site. Channel 4 made the connection this week when it found AdultFriendFinder user profiles online during an investigation into the “dark web” — part of the Internet dedicated to criminal activity. AdultFriendFinder is owned by a California-based company. Those who sign up for an account have to specify their gender and which gender they want to have sex with.

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THE MERKY Stormzy used the secret menu to create a halloumi and garlic bread burger and asked Nando’s to add it to their menus – so they did This burger is a favourite of Stormzy, who inspired Nando’s to add it to the chain’s menus for a time. The London grime artist tweeted that he had created a secret menu hack by sandwiching halloumi between two slices of garlic bread. It prompted Nando’s to create the Merky burger, the name of Stomzy’s record label, which is a burger of grilled halloumi in a toasted Portuguese roll with garlic and chilli.

However for the real deal, just order a halloumi burger and a side of garlic bread to recreate your own. All you need to do is request garlic bread and slices of cheese that usually top the Sunset burger. Some restaurants will place the cheese on top of the bread for you, which will melt onto the hot bread. Otherwise, you simply place the slices of cheddar onto the garlic bread and dive in. However if you want that barbecue taste with a kick, there is another option.

Ask for the Peri-Flamer, and you will get the adult version: It was made famous by England footballer Dele Alli, who tweeted that he always mixes Coca Cola with Fanta at the soft drinks station when he visits a Nando’s. He called the drink ‘Fantoke’ – and now his fans have been doing the same ever since, and tagging the Tottenham Hotspur star in photos of their creation. One fan also added extra Perinaise to call their masterpiece the ‘Garinaise’ burger right Similar to the Merky, you can make sure that any burger you order has a garlic bread bun by ordering garlic bread on the side of your usual order.

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Examples included are using a bag of potato chips as a substitute for charcoal in a BBQ pit, or building your own portable air-conditioning unit using a Styrofoam cooler, ice cubes, and a battery-operated fan. For the second season episode endings, Kevin and Brooke test out solutions posted on their Tumblr page. An enhanced version of the series is titled as Hack My Life:

Jun 17,  · LunchClick is the first dating app that is designed to encourage offline, face-to-face dates. Download it today! *** Packing for a trip is arguably the worst part of travelling. Particularly for beauty junkies, it can be incredibly difficult to decide what to bring, and what to leave behind.

Share this article Majority of dating apps are open to hacks Are you protecting your users and sensitive O data from being leaked? Learn how Specops Authentication for O can help. Some of the specific vulnerabilities identified on the at-risk dating apps include cross site scripting via man in the middle, debug flag enabled, weak random number generator and phishing via man in the middle.

When these vulnerabilities are exploited an attacker can potentially use the mobile device to conduct attacks. Many of these dating applications have access to additional features on mobile devices such as the camera, microphone, storage, GPS location and mobile wallet billing information, which in combination with the vulnerabilities may make them exploitable to hackers. Security researchers from IBM Security identified that 26 of the 41 dating apps they analyzed on the Android mobile platform had either medium or high severity vulnerabilities.

The analysis was done based on apps available in the Google Play app store in October While some apps have privacy measures in place, many are vulnerable to attacks that could lead to the following scenarios: Dating app used for malware: The anticipation of receiving interest from a potential new date is just the sort of moment, when users let their guard down, that hackers thrive on.

Some of the vulnerable apps could be reprogrammed by hackers to send what seems like a message that asks users to click for an update or to retrieve a message that, in reality, is just a ploy to download malware onto their device.

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Mental Floss What’s the secret to a long and healthy life? All centenarians have their own habits and morning routines they swear by. From whiskey shots to daily naps to ice cream, here’s what some very old people credit for their lengthy lifespan. Just keep celebrating every day.

Websites to organise your life. There are all sorts of organisation/project management tools for the workplace that can help you organise your mounting to-do list and organise your team, family and friends.

The definition of love, comradeship and dating has passed the time and test of evolution. Gone are the days when a relationship was all about your dedication and loyalty. Serious relationships that make you answerable to your partner seem like a rock on the head, where one needs to carry the baggage of pressure without strings attached. To have an amazing friendship is also something that can give you immense pleasure and satisfaction in life.

After all, in such casual relationships, couple does not look for long commitments and serious relationship. The no strings attached relationships are just for fun and extra oomph in life. Yes, it is preferred because these days what people look for is only the companionship instead of a seriously involved or formally created relationship.

Going by the ethics, nothing can be termed as wrong or right. So, such relations do come with both sides. No strings attached dating is fun and free from all sorts of allegiance.

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