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Savitha KG thank u for such a informative site. But since you have been lighting a lamp from the last six months, you can still continue to do that, if not every week, at least once in a month. Balaji V November 11, at I have been visiting Sani temple every Saturday since and also do Anna Danam Curd rice once a month. This is my Second Sade Sati and it has been a good start since Jul I have noticed that I have to endure hardships on simple things like tasty food, commute etc.

Best Indian Vedic Astrology Services By The Best Astrologer

Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen. Why Nadi Dosha is so critical? What will happen if you have Nadi Dosha? What can you do if Nadi Dosha exist in your horoscope?

A lot has been read, said and discussed about the Kalsarpa Yoga. This yoga, and please notice the choice of words – it is a yoga and _not_ a dosha, is caused when .

Gold or Silver, in middle finger Ketu 3 carats Gold, in middle finger When deciding which finger the gem should be worn on, astrologers always consult the planetary friendship table. Mercury is a natural friend of Sun, therefore you can wear Emerald in the ring finger, which belongs to Sun. A Diamond is not for everyone! Firstly, you should always consult an astrologer before you decide to wear a diamond.

Secondly, it should not be worn on the ring finger as all of us are made to believe by the cool and jazzy television commercials. It is a natural friend of Saturn, therefore it should be worn only on the middle finger. It is not a natural friend of Sun and hence ring finger is not the place for it. Are there any alternatives to wearing these gemstones? There are cheaper alternatives available in the market. Clear Zircon can be substituted for a diamond etc. You can choose to worship the ruling deity e.

You can also adjust the lifestyle accordingly. Change the life style to bring in more discipline, meditation, etc.

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Well we believe that a right job gives you happiness ,that earns a good salary that can support your needs as well help you to have a quality life. Job prediction makes all the possibilities for getting a strong and consistent career. Well if you start following your dream but with time you have a change of mind, heart and wants to pursue a different role or path is a change

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Facts being otherwise, it raises questions about motives for this deliberate wrong portrayal. Modern history credits China with the invention of gunpowder. Firstly, this is largely based on the work of a self-confessed Sinophile — Needham. Needham conveniently ignores evidence like how; “Jean Baptiste Tavernier recorded a local tradition in the s that gunpowder and artillery were first invented in Assam from whence they spread to China and he mentioned that the Mughal general who conquered Assam brought back numerous old iron guns captured during the campaign.

English publications, for instance in and another in gave weightage to the opinion of those who believe that gunpowder was invented in India and brought by the Saracens from Africa to the Europeans; who improved its manufacture and made it available for warlike purposes. Unlike China, with an odd textual reference or a drawing or a singular artefact, was the entire industry in India — which remained unrivalled in the history of the world.

India, the richest economy of the world at that time, known and famous for its wealth, was spared by Genghis Khan! Specifically Bengal and Bihar regions. Operated by a caste of peoples called the nuniah , saltpetre beds supplied the most vital element in gunpowder — saltpetre. And India produced virtually all of it. The Guntur Sircar also manufactured saltpetre on a commercial scale. A mid 17th century Royal Society paper documented how saltpetre was made in India.

The ‘Exact Science’ Of Nadi Jothidam

Therefore there are many instances where marriages have broken miserably even after the matching was done. This isn’t the fault of astrology but the incapability of aptly applying olden rules for modern age. Gopalakrishnan, chennai based astrologer has come out with a book on Mundane Astrology. This book has lot of rules, insights and horoscope analysis to explain the readers about the rules to predict Election, wars, sports and weather pattern.

Lot of examples are used to make the readers understand the book very easily. The book has comprehensive charts of the countries where the readers can use for Prediction.

Sep 16,  · Leo, the lion, rules all the other animals. Leo, the person, rules you and everybody else. (Yes, yes, I know he really doesn’t. But please don’t tell him.

Numerologist in India What is Numerology? Numerology is the study of mystical relationship between a number and some coinciding perceived phenomenon in human world. It was popular among early mathematicians such as Pythagoras but now it is no more a part of mathematics. Now it is regarded as the integral part of pseudo mathematics or pseudoscience.

Numerology is practiced in a specific systematic manner that deals with understanding the inherent power that the numbers exhibits when combined with the innate potentialities of the human beings. There are no universal law or rule which can be used in describing a meaning of a specific numbers it keeps on varying from culture to culture and according to different schools of numerology.

Here are some of the common interpretations of the digits in numerology. Signifies individuality, aggressiveness, self-orientation and leadership quality. Signifies balance, unity, receptive power and successful partnership. Signifies good interpersonal skills and interactive power Signifies creativity and artistic instinct.

Signifies activity and impulsivity Signifies home seeking and responsible characteristics. Astrology and numerology goes hand in hand. Astrology is the application of numerology to the movements of celestial bodies through measurements.

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Denial of Marriage Early Marriage There are number of factors that help to predict, an Early marriage is possible under following planetary positions; Venus should be well placed in Kendra and trikona in the star of benefic planet. Venus should not be in the company of malefic planets. Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house.

Sep 16,  · short of Eugene O’Neill. Just because the sign is symbolized by the golden scales of justice, don’t ever think that LibraAS are always perfectly balanced.

Manglik is a very common term nowadays. However, who might be a Manglik astrologically or what exactly is Manglik Dosha is not well-known to the typical man. And usually everyone believes in this misconception. While matching Horoscope of boy and girl, prior to matrimony, people seek advice from Pundits and Traditional Astrologers, which often results into rejection of many acceptable matches and mental suffering.

Manglik Dosha is often a primary factor taken into consideration by these people while carrying out Kundli Milan Gun Milan. Mangal Dosh According to Traditional Astrology, whenever the planet Mars is situated in certain houses of the horoscope, it casts malefic influences on many life aspects of that person.

Anyone having this kind of troubled Mars position can be described as Manglik. This issue is also known as the Kuja Dosha or the Bhauma Dosha. Rishi Parashara enunciated his concept as the configuration for any widower, and that is one of the severe cases involving Mars affliction. Considering that there are several rules regarding evaluation of Mars Dosha, following is by far the most acceptable perspective.

Mars Dosha may get neutralized completely Nirdosh Mangal if Mars occupies the sign of it’s debilitation Cancer , the sign of it’s opponent Gemini or Virgo , the sign Mesha and it is in the 1st house, the sign Scorpio and it is in the 4th house, the sign Capricorn and it is in the 7th house, the sign Leo and it is in the 8th house, the sign Sagittarius and it is in the 12th house and when it is aspected by Venus.

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It’s always the same. Now, if you had the two eyes on the same side of the nose, for instance- or the mouth at the top- that would be some help. Librans love people, but they hate large crowds.

SATURN transit – November 15th and effects for Vrishchika rashi. The term “Saturn Transit” simply means that Saturn is moving from one zodiac sign (Rasi) to the next.

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