There is only one reason why people go on furniture tours to China - they want to buy quality goods at a price being by far lower than the prices in Russia. Anyone can take part in the furniture tour: an owner of a restaurant or hotel who advocates for an effective establishing in a new accommodation; a cottage owner who decided to buy an exclusive furniture for his house; professional designer who is actively creating interiors and eager to find a unique and cost-effective pieces for his client; or entrepreneurs and companies who are in the furniture business themselves but go to China for the procurement of goods.

The quality of Chinese goods is a matter for those who are new to the Chinese market. Strangely enough, the answer to their question is pretty simple: you need to know right people. And in the case of China, you also need to know where to buy the right goods. From a quality perspective, the best furniture tours are in Guangzhou, more precisely in Foshan just one hour away Guangzhou. It is the mecca of thefurniture industry in China with more than 1500 local furniture factories and 6000 representative offices from all over the country. Here they produce furniture which would not be inferior to no European manufacturers in the respect of luxury and quality.

Of course, you can find here a very cheap furniture as well, usually, people buy it for resale. But in most cases, those who travel to China for furniture are interested only in high quality. This is why they wish to visit only one city - Guangzhou (Foshan). This is mostly because the largest furniture mall in the world is also located here.

Our company organizes furniture tours to Guangzhou and guarantees that you will be communicating with factory representatives and not anyone else. There are no middlemen in Foshanorprice markups. This equally applies to the cities that have a border with Russia - Ürümqi and Suifenhe. In other cities in China, all transportation costs for the furniture from Guangzhou are included in the price.

Before deciding to go for Chinese furniture, you should also keep in mind that there are no ready-made items. The furniture is custom made. Among a vast range of items you will find the best variant for you. Read brochures, use the services of furniture designers who can prepare a sketch of any furniture in just 30 minutes for free.

If you liked a factory, you can conclude a contract, pay 30% of the total amount. Another 70% will be paid upon the supply. After 7-35 days, when the furniture is ready, we will check its quality, pack it and prepare for shipping, place it in our warehouse, load it and send to your city once all the necessary documents have been done. As our rich experience shows, the outcome of furniture tours to China can be 20 ft or 40 ft containers with a label “To Russia”. This is the most beneficial and efficient way to deliver furniture safely.

Furniture tours to Guangzhou

If you want to appreciate the skills offurniture makers from the Celestial Empire, the Guangzhou furniture world would be the right choice! This city is an extremely popular destination for furniture tours in China due to the fact that it offers unparalleled variety of pieces of furniture made by more than 1500 factories represented in modern exhibition halls and shopping malls.

The famous Canton Fair also takes place in Guangzhou. And it has an endless list of exhibitors and participants. Sales representatives from more than 140 countries in the world come here to see the Chinese furniture, which is almost 90% of the world’s furniture market. People make hundreds of deals worth billions here, and it helped Guangzhou become the world leader in furniture production.

No wonder that clients started showing interest in delivery of goods from China, with a special focus on companies who can offer the maximum range of services at the territory of China. International company AsianStarConsultingLimited provides all organizational and operational solutions related to the selection, purchase, receipt and shipment of furniture to the client’s address.

We also organize furniture tours to Guangzhou and drive our clients to the exhibition centers where they can enjoy all the splendor of Chinese furniture world. There are many factories at the territory of China which produce furniture of any quality and price so you can always find the goods that would meet you demands.

Our company has all the solutions so you never have to worry about searching for the right manufacturer nor about the acceptance and quality of goods that you ordered. We are also committed to providing consolidation of goods, its packaging, insurance and loading with the subsequent transfer of ownership to the international carrier.

We will make the delivery of goods from China to various regions in Russia easier and simpler because we are located in Guangzhou, China, know local mentality and habits very well, and have business relations with many marine cargo carriers. All of our services allows you to make full use of the furniture purchased, to register and send it to theaddress of consignees in Russia quickly and straightforwardly.